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Why Fall Can be the Perfect Season for Buying or Selling Real Estate

Fall Selling Season, Benefits of Buying and Selling Home in the Fall

Fall Selling Season

Changing Leaves, Changing Market

While spring and summer are typically the busiest seasons for real estate, people are moving at all times of the year. The fall selling season can actually work to the advantage of buyers and sellers. If buying or selling is in the cards for you this fall, read this first!


Less Competition

During the fall season, buyers may find that there is less competition from other buyers for the same home. The families who were focused on getting into a new home before the school season leave the market, putting hopeful homeowners in a better position to have their offer accepted.


Buyers Mean Business

Buyers in the fall tend to be more serious. They could be tired from looking for a home all summer, or in a rush to move before the freezing weather. Buyers during this season will be less likely to waste any time. This is great news for people wishing to sell their home fast!


Serious Sellers

Not every home on the market is the unsold inventory from summer. New construction goes on during the summer, so it’s possible that freshly built homes are just now ready to hit the market. Fall is also a time when people relocate for a job and are prepared to settle down.


You’ll Get the VIP Treatment

In the summer, moving companies, title companies, and other professionals you may work with during your transaction can get very busy and may not be able to give you top-notch service. During the fall, these professionals have more time available to focus on you!


Great Deals on Home Improvement Items

Tis’ the season of sales! Sellers can snag some great deals on items to make improvements to their homes before selling, and buyers can find discounts on new appliances or items to maintain their new residence. Check out Consumer Reports for the best time of year to buy the things you need on sale. Download our FREE Fall 2020 Home Maintenance Checklist to get started!


Bottom Line

No matter what time of year you decide to sell, a professional real estate agent will know how to position your real estate in the market so that it sells quickly and with the fewest hassles. For buyers, your REALTOR will take care of all the details and lead you through the process while promoting your best interests, rain, or shine.


If buying or selling is in the cards for you this fall, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’d love to answer any question you have or talk to you about your real estate goals.


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