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Things Professional Movers Can’t Move 

Things Professional Movers Can’t Move, Moving Hazardous Materials, Moving Flammable Items 

Things Professional Movers Can’t Move 


Before you move, it is important to know what items can’t be moved by professional movers. Here is a list of items you will have to plan to transport yourself: 


Hazardous materials… like car batteries, fire extinguishers, fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil, and corrosive liquids. 

Explosives… things like ammunition, fireworks, and firearms. 

Combustible or flammable items… like paint, gasoline, or propane tanks. 

Power equipment with fuel… this includes motorcycles, lawnmowers, weed eaters and other gas-powered devices. 

Plants… a few moving companies might be willing to move your plants for a short move… but most will not. 

Non-perishable foods can be transported but perishables are a strict no, even in a short distance move. 

Valuables such as cash, important documents, stock certificates or jewelry also have no place in a moving van. The same can be said for items of high sentimental value. 

And lastly, pets. Pets can never be transported in a moving truck. 


With respect to the items movers can’t move, the reason why usually comes down to federal or state laws… or the movers simply not being comfortable moving the items.