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Wisconsin Real Estate Etiquette for Buyers and Sellers

Wisconsin Real Estate Etiquette for Buyers and Sellers

Wisconsin Real Estate Etiquette for Buyers and Sellers

Real Estate Etiquette for Buyers and Sellers

by Jacob Dixon


Jacob Dixon
Jacob Dixon, Realtor at Mark D. Olejniczak Realty, Inc.

Greetings, prospective Wisconsin home buyers and sellers! The world of real estate is not just about transactions; it’s a realm where courtesy, respect, and good communication play pivotal roles.


In this blog, we’ll explore the essential dos and don’ts of Wisconsin real estate etiquette, providing a guide for both buyers and sellers to navigate the process with grace, professionalism, and mutual understanding.


Whether you’re embarking on your first home-buying journey or preparing to sell your property, let’s ensure a smooth and courteous experience for all involved.



For Buyers


Be Prepared and Informed

  • Do your homework before entering the market. Understand your budget, get pre-approved for a mortgage, and research the neighborhoods you’re interested in. Being informed shows sellers that you are serious and ready to move forward.

Respect Sellers’ Time

  • Schedule property viewings with ample notice and be punctual. Sellers appreciate buyers who value their time and make the process as convenient as possible.

Communicate Clearly with Your Realtor

  • Maintain open and clear communication with your realtor. Clearly articulate your preferences, concerns, and any changes in your requirements. This helps your realtor tailor their search to your needs.

Respect Properties During Showings

  • When attending open houses or private showings, treat the property with respect. Avoid bringing food or drinks, and refrain from making negative comments. Sellers often have strong emotional ties to their homes.

Submit Offers Professionally

  • When submitting an offer, present it in a professional manner. Work closely with your realtor to ensure all necessary documents and information are included. A well-prepared offer reflects your commitment to the process.



Lowball Offers Without Justification

  • While negotiating is common, avoid making excessively low offers without justification. This can alienate sellers and hinder the negotiation process.

Overstay Your Welcome at Open Houses

  • While exploring open houses, be mindful of your time. Avoid lingering excessively or over-analyzing details. This ensures a smoother flow for other potential buyers and respects the seller’s property.

Share Negative Feedback Unnecessarily

  • If a property doesn’t meet your preferences, there’s no need to share unsolicited negative feedback. Constructive criticism can be communicated through your realtor during negotiations.



For Sellers


Prepare Your Home for Showings

  • Present your home in the best possible light. Clean, de-clutter, and make necessary repairs before listing. First impressions matter, and a well-maintained home attracts serious buyers.

Be Accommodating with Viewing Requests

  • Try to be flexible with viewing requests. While it’s not always convenient, making your home accessible to potential buyers increases the likelihood of finding the right match.

Respond Promptly to Offers

  • When you receive an offer, respond promptly. Even if the offer isn’t ideal, acknowledging it and initiating a constructive dialogue keeps the process moving forward.

Disclose Relevant Information

  • Be transparent about your property’s condition and any known issues. Disclosing information upfront builds trust and avoids potential complications later in the process.

Work Collaboratively with Your Realtor

  • Your realtor is your ally. Collaborate closely with them, heed their advice, and trust their expertise. A unified approach ensures a smoother and more successful selling experience.



Hover During Showings

  • Allow potential buyers the freedom to explore your home without feeling watched. Hovering can make them uncomfortable and hinder their ability to envision the space as their own.

Reject Offers Abruptly

  • Even if an offer isn’t exactly what you hoped for, avoid rejecting it abruptly. Consider negotiating terms or providing a counteroffer to keep the conversation open and respectful.

Withhold Key Information

  • Concealing significant information about your property can lead to distrust and legal complications. Disclose any known issues and work with your realtor to address concerns proactively.


Wisconsin’s real estate etiquette is rooted in courtesy, respect, and effective communication. By adhering to these dos and don’ts, both buyers and sellers can contribute to a positive and harmonious real estate experience.


Whether you’re embarking on a new chapter in home ownership or bidding farewell to a beloved property, let’s make the journey one characterized by professionalism and understanding. Happy buying and selling!


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