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Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

Even the best maintained homes will have some items in less than perfect condition. These are some common problems found during home inspections.


Common Problems Found During Home Inspection

Roof damage, such as damaged or missing shingles… and broken or missing flashings… is common.


Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

Code violations are also common, which typically relate to remodeling done without permits.

ground-fault circuit interrupter

Issues with a home’s utilities can also be found… like undersized electrical service, a lack of GFCIi’s (ground-fault circuit interrupters) in bathrooms and kitchens, and plumbing issues like low water pressure, leaks, or slow drains. Problems found with a home’s heating and cooling systems are often due to a lack of keeping up with routine maintenance.


Common Problems Found in Home Inspection

Bigger issues are things like foundation flaws or rotting wood at the base of the home, on the roof or on windowsills. Environmental issues like radon, lead based paint, or asbestos can also be discovered.

Common Problems FOund in Home Inspection


Make sure that you accompany the inspector and ask about any issues. Thankfully, most issues are often minor, and hopefully you’ll find that very few will be deal-breakers.