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Answer These Questions To Help Your Home Sell Faster

Are You Ready to Sell?

Thinking About Selling My Home


Thinking About Selling My Home

It’s finally beautiful weather outside which means home selling season is underway! You may be thinking about selling your home, preparing your home for sale, or may even be preparing for an upcoming open house.


Before diving into major home repairs or beginning a long list of renovations, read our list of questions designed to get you thinking about the ways in which you can present your home’s best features to potential buyers.


Tip: Give your real estate agent a prepared list of things you love about your home and ask them for customized recommendations specifically for your property.


Ask Yourself…


  1. Does the house or any part of the house need painting?
  2. Does the lawn or landscaping need attention?
  3. Are there holes in the door and window screens? Do they work well or do they need attention?
  4. Does the carpet need cleaning? How about replacing?
  5. Will my pets be under control during a potential home tour?
  6. Are all appliances in good working order? How recently did I purchase them?
  7. Are my closets cluttered? What can I do to make them look more spacious?
  8. Do any cabinets need to be touched up or refinished?
  9. Are my cabinets organized? Can I make them appear more spacious?
  10. Is there any furniture I can store or dispose of to make the rooms appear larger?
  11. Should I replace my doormats with something less personalized?
  12. Should I remove an ornate item that a buyer might want as part of the house? Such as a special chandelier or wall system?
  13. Are the garage and storage areas as neat and clean as they could be?
  14. What is the potential buyer’s first impression of my house? What can I do to WOW them?
  15. What is the market activity for homes like mine in my area?
  16. Are the price and terms offered going to appeal to buyers in my market?
  17. Do I have an assumable mortgage?


If you are unsure of where to begin, contact us to consult with an experienced Realtor. They will be able to identify the areas of your home where improvements will help you get the best value for your time and money spent.