Suggestions to Help You Sell Your Property

Suggestions to Help You Sell Your Property

Use our expertise to make your home more marketable!


Tidy up the grounds – porch – garage. Keep lawn trimmed and edged.  Make sure that your yard is clean of refuse.


Your front door gives a vital first impression. Be sure it is scrubbed clean or painted if necessary.  Paint, fix or wash railing, steps, etc.


Avoid being present for showings, if possible. When sellers are present, the potential buyer feels like an intruder and hurries through the house.



Empty rooms of clutter and unnecessary and damaged furniture. Store it or sell it.  It makes the rooms look smaller and unlivable.


Clean closets. Untidy or overcrowded closets suggest inadequate storage space.


Touch up; refinish any cabinets or woodwork that needs it.


Garage and storage areas should be as neat as possible. Straighten up, paint, fix or wash doors and windows.


Does the carpet need cleaning? How about replacing it?


Bathrooms and kitchens help sell homes. Make these rooms neat, spotless and fresh.  Are appliances in working condition?


Remove pets or cages for showings, when possible. (One type of prospect is annoyed; another’s attention is diverted.)


Keep all steps and hallways clear of hazards.


Fill all light sockets with bulbs. Turn on all the lights. Open draperies in the daytime, close at night.


Repair any leaks in plumbing and heating. Clean exterior units.

Preparing Your Home to Sell


The exterior appearance is important! If it needs it, paint it. Keep screens and windows in good repair.


If a customer contacts you, don’t discuss anything concerning the sale. Let the REALTOR® discuss price, terms, possession, and other factors with the customer. He/she is eminently qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.


Resources for Selling Real Estate