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Things to Leave Behind When You Sell Your Home

Things to Leave Behind When You Sell Your Home

Things to Leave Behind When You Sell Your Home

When you sell your home, you are required to leave behind everything specified in the contract. That said, as a courtesy, some other items should stay with the house. Here are a few.

Be sure to leave the owner’s manuals for the furnace and other appliances.

It’s also nice to leave light bulbs in fixtures so the new owner isn’t in the dark.

If you have any leftover paint, leave that too. Write the room the color is in on the cans.

Remember to leave keys and garage door openers.

If you’ve used any service providers for things like lawn care, snow removal, or minor repairs, leave their names and numbers.

The locations of items that aren’t used year-round, like storm windows.

A note of which day your home’s garbage collection is.

Of course, your buyer will love it if you leave the house clean.

A welcome note is always a nice touch!

Sometimes there are gray areas when it comes to personal property. It’s best to exactly spell out in the contract what is to be left for the new owner.