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Should Roof Damage Stop You from Buying a Home?

Should Roof Damage Stop You from Buying a Home (1)

Should Roof Damage Stop You from Buying a Home?

Buying a house with a damaged roof isn’t always a bad idea – as long as the damage will be repaired, or the roof replaced. The real question is… who will pay for the repairs or replacement?

There are three choices: the Seller can pay, the Buyer can pay, or the Buyer and Seller can split the cost. If the seller is going to pay – use caution – since the Seller will probably want to save money and will hire the cheapest contractor. This means you could end up with a poor-quality roof.


Before making your decision, get a quote from a licensed roofing contractor stating the cost of repairs as well as the cost to replace the roof. Well-maintained roofs can last 30 years or more, but a shoddy installation can shorten that lifespan.


Negotiations are in the Buyer’s favor because the Seller is going to have a difficult time selling a house with a bad roof, plus many lenders and insurance companies won’t touch a house with a bad roof.


A roof is a critical item for the structural integrity of the home – so roof problems must be resolved. In cases where the Seller is unreasonable about their price or is in denial about the roof problem, then it might be wise for a Buyer to pass on the deal.